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Harry Munns has spent his adult life observing, learning, writing and teaching. The richness and depth of those experiences compose the substance of Spectacular Comeback. He's known around the world as a best-selling author, lecturer and coach. He lives in southern California with his son Micky.


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My life was almost perfect. I had an attractive wife and a wonderful son. I loved them both. I was developing a business that had the potential to make us a lot of money. I owned a house in southern California. The mortgage was paid by rent on a downstairs apartment. I owned a vacation home on the east coast. One house was within a mile of the Pacific Ocean. The other was within a mile of the Atlantic Ocean.

That's how I saw my life in March of 2007. It began to unravel in April. By February 2011, it had all been taken away, all but the little boy. None of the rest of it mattered in the least when I weighed it against my relationship with my son. Still, my change in circumstances turned every other part of my life upside down.

I wasn't broke but I was nearly broken. I had myself and the love of an amazing child as I embarked on the task of rebuilding our lives. I knew those two things and a little help from some wise and compassionate people were all I needed.

I saw a therapist during the darkest days at the beginning of my journey back. I told her I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel but I couldn't see even a faint glimmer of it. Faith alone convinced me there was a brighter future than what I was capable of seeing at that time. I knew I didn't get to this place overnight so getting back wouldn't happen quickly either.

This book represents what I discovered from many hours of reflection, research and the counsel of some great people. It's broken down into a step-by-step program. I believe anyone who needs to make a Spectacular Comeback from any setback, large or small, can apply these lessons to his or her life and experience stellar results.

Don't confuse anything in this book with psychology, sociology or any other professional discipline. The material is simply an account of what I learned, organized into a self-guided course. I hope my experiences benefit other life travelers as they embark on their Spectacular Comebacks.

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Understanding the combination of what you are, who you are, what you want to change and why you want to change those things is the basis for launching your Spectacular Comeback. Simply acknowledging that you want more positive personal relationships or a better job without knowing why it's so important, won't prepare you for the work you must perform to make the necessary changes.

Page 29

Children begin life without the ability to focus. Their developing minds haven't acquired those skills. By the time we become adults, we're capable of staying on-task however, many people choose distractions when faced with a less entertaining alternative like work. Some people (except the ones who read the previous chapter) might call it human nature.

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More importantly, remember how it feels to make this tangible, visible progress. The pleasure and satisfaction should leave you feeling great about having made the sacrifice of staying up late or getting up early. You'll need to crave and seek those feelings throughout the future stages of your Spectacular Comeback. The need for that gratification will help fuel your progress and make it all much more worthwhile when it comes. Make no mistake, it will come.

Page 47

Visit almost any yard sale and you'll see multiple examples of completion aversion. The rug hooking kit, saxophone and exercise bike all represent ideas about activities that seemed like they would bring pleasure and enrich the lives of the people who are now selling the items for a small fraction of what they originally paid for them. The people who buy them will probably sell them a year from now for the same reason.

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Unlike some other personal traits, attractiveness, success, and some personality traits, other people's opinions of your happiness have almost no effect on whether or not you're happy. If you walk into a room and everyone in the room instantly thinks you're beautiful or handsome that's what you are, at least in that room. If you walk into the same room and everyone thinks you're happy when in fact, you're dissatisfied with major elements in your life, their opinions have no effect on your happiness. Unlike your looks, it doesn't matter how many times people tell you you're happy, if you are not, you will never believe them.
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