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Harry Munns has spent his adult life observing, learning, writing and teaching. The richness and depth of those experiences compose the substance of Spectacular Comeback. He's known around the world as a best-selling author, lecturer and coach. He lives in southern California with his son Micky.


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Nothing makes a meeting more memorable than a speaker who connects with your group. If your organization has an interest in improving performance and achieving success in any field, you can use the Spectacular Comeback method to reach your goals. Harry Munns travels the country speaking and leading seminars. Find out if he's available for your next meeting.

Private coaching

This program isn't for everyone but if you have the time and the means, you can work one-on-one with author Harry Munns and achieve your Spectacular Comeback in the most efficient, effective way possible. The number of private clients is very limited so if use our Contact page to get in touch and reserve the next available opening.

Small group classes

It'sthe next best thing to private coaching. You might call it a hybrid between having Harry speak to your group and working on-on-one with him. You can build your own class. Make it an in-person, remote, combination or a something entirely new. We love thinking outside the box so challenge us to accomodate you and don't be surprised when we do.




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